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F Palmer & ME Palmer
Trading as Joseph Palmer & Sons
AFS Licence 247067 · ABN 29 548 490 818

Investing with Safe Hands since 1872


Our Focus Is On Client Benefits

We invite you to explore our suite of differentiated investment services. One of our main differences is that we have been investing for clients for over 149 years. The family that started the business in 1872 is still very 'hands on'.

Our range of services includes:


Our unique approach to Investment Management, performed for both private investors and superannuation investors, whether with small funds or large.

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Aged Care

Our Aged Care service which provides financial advice and guidance for transitioning family members to aged care.

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Investment Administration

Our Investment Administration service, which, by eliminating drudgery, gives valuable time back to the clients who use it.

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We also still run one of the most efficient Stockbroking services in the country.

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While you are here, take a look at our Services page and contact us for any personal assistance you might need. You’ll be glad you did.

Business Continuity – Coronavirus pandemic

Joseph Palmer & Sons will remain open for business as normal. Should our office in Hunter Street Sydney need to be temporarily closed staff will still be contactable, and all have remote access to their respective tasks, whether it be trading, banking or administration. We encourage you to use email to communicate with your usual Joseph Palmer contact – Click here to view JPS contacts.

Investment & Economic Review January 2022

18 Jan 2022

There has been more uncertainty and trepidation in the last two years than any period in recent times, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and all the associated health, social and economic implications. Yet investment markets performed remarkably well during most of this time, seemingly favouring the longer-term growth potential, bolstered by aggressive stimulatory actions, over the shorter-term issues.

The Next Million - Part Three

17 Jan 2022

We introduce Wendy, who has two teenage children, funds due from her late husband’s estate, not a clue about investing … and not sure whom to trust. Here we explore the way in which this intelligent woman is helped by a member of the investment staff at Joseph Palmer & Sons. The smart widow in this tale learns that good investing is a marathon, not a sprint.