Joseph Palmer & Sons History
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F Palmer & ME Palmer
Trading as Joseph Palmer & Sons
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Australia’s Oldest Stockbrokers and Portfolio Managers

With 150 Years ‘Safe Hands’ Investing

On 12 April 1872, a modest advertisement appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald announcing that Joseph Palmer, had opened for business as a stock broker.

The lineage of our firm precedes the invention of the electric light bulb, of the telephone, and the first European sighting of Uluru. In all that time, our doors have never closed. We are now the oldest family firm on the Australian Stock Exchange. In over 150 years we have experienced feasts and famines, booms and busts, war and peace. And a Palmer still guides the firm, hands-on, every day.

Our long experience as wealth and portfolio managers is priceless. A long, successful past gives rise to a unique differentiation we provide to all our clients: foresight. Because we are not given to whim or speculation and, because there’s not a lot we haven’t already seen, we use safe hands in dealing with clients’ investments.

In 2006, Rodney Horin, Alex Moffatt and Ben Gratzer, established Joseph Palmer & Sons in Victoria. In doing so they became the first non-family members, since its inception in 1872, to be associated with the strength, credibility, and integrity of Joseph Palmer & Sons. This was our recognition of the common vision shared with the Palmer family, and marks a significant turning point in the long history of Joseph Palmer & Sons.

Three words summarise what makes Joseph Palmer & Sons truly different in the field of wealth and portfolio management in Australia: History, Experience and Foresight.

Message from Malcolm

See a short video of Malcolm Palmer commemorating the 150th anniversary of Joseph Palmer Sons.