Estate Planning
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Estate Planning

Our range of Estate Investment Services are tailored to meet the needs of family members and executors of family estates.

We provide investment and administration services to executors whilst estates are awaiting distribution.

Once estates are transferred to a spouse, children or other family members, challenges arise that may not have been previously considered. Among these several will undoubtedly concern the ongoing careful management and prudent investment of family assets.

For those that have little or no direct experience of such matters, the sheer complexity of managing estate investments can be frustrating, time consuming and daunting.

Did You Know?

  • We assist those who are giving thought to preparing a Will and are looking for safe hands to manage money on behalf of those whom assets will be bequeathed.
  • We have developed specialist skills in helping beneficiaries to manage their investments.
  • We are mindful of client preferences in all areas of investment management, as well as taxation issues and the need to keep overall costs under tight control.
  • We also offer transactional services to those who may decide to sell out of stocks held within an estate.

Above everything we are a family firm, applying the wisdom of 15 decades, and making ourselves personally available to clients who adopt our services. We invite you to contact us whenever you need to discuss matters relating to your family estate… whether you are planning for its transfer or considering how to invest what you have received, or the executor acting on behalf of family members.

You will find we are a ‘safe pair of hands’.

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