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Separately Managed Account

While separately managed accounts (SMAs) have been around for a while, their popularity has substantially grown recently… and with good reason.

An SMA appeals to investors who:

  • want dividends and tax benefits for themselves (and not shared with others);
  • want full transparency and ability to view portfolio performance 24/7;
  • want all portfolio securities owned in their own investor account
  • want portfolio administration done for them and to be free of the ‘hassle’;
  • want to benefit from lower fees that new technology delivers;
  • and, especially, want access to the skills of a top portfolio manager.

It is in this latter area that the people at Joseph Palmer & Sons excel.

The House of Palmer has been delivering top investment advice since 1872. For the most part, this has been on a ‘private client’ basis.

The arrival of separately managed accounts, however, enables this renowned investment house to offer its professional skills and expertise to a wider audience.

Malcolm Palmer (great grandson of founder Joseph) has led his team to develop model portfolios and to harness the latest technology to create separately managed accounts with a difference: Palmer SMAs.

While Palmer SMAs share all the attractive attributes listed above, they come with the added benefits that, uniquely, the House of Palmer provides, starting with its proprietary securities’ selection system: ‘relative value analysis’ (RVA), which uncovers hidden value in top-end securities; this system is underpinned by deep and regular research supported by detailed inputs from expert analysts; a further layer of input is delivered by our independent Investment Committee.

These three elements combine the professional skills of a dedicated and long-serving staff of investment experts who meet daily to share market intelligence with a view to identifying trends and opportunities that will make the firm’s model portfolios attractive to investors.

Currently, there are five model portfolios which may be used individually or, indeed, in combination to provide the optimal results of growing capital… and preserving it. The five model portfolios that underpin the Palmer managed accounts are:

(Click links above to see Model Reports)

In short, the Palmer Separately Managed Account is perfect for those investors who want access to Palmer’s unique investment methodology; it is also ideal for those who want their investment portfolio to deliver tax and dividend benefits direct to their own account; and, further, they want both lower fees and freedom from the hassle of administration. For such investors, the Palmer style SMA is ideal.

Please note - Investors should consider the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Target Market Determination (TMD) before investing in this separately managed account. For more information and a copy of the PDS or TMD, please call us or email us.

Why Joseph Palmer & Sons?

You will have peace-of-mind knowing that the day-to-day decisions regarding your investments are in the ‘safe hands’ of the experienced team at Joseph Palmer & Sons

For more information on the Palmer Discretionary Account, or on any of our other investment services, please call us on (02) 8224 3324. Even better, come in for a chat over a cup of coffee if you have the time. We would be very pleased to meet you.

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Malcolm Palmer

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