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Investment & Economic Review July 2019

9 Jul 2019
The turnaround in markets that began in January has continued for much of 2019 to date, such that share prices are generally now at or near historic highs. The strength of the rise, Australian shares are up about 20% in 2019 including dividends, is surprising, but so too was the abruptness of the market decline in the last quarter of 2018...

The Dangers of the Anchoring Effect

9 Jul 2019

‘Anchoring’ can be most detrimental to the best interests of investors; it is, in fact, something we all have a tendency to do, and which we should almost always try to avoid. It is the tendency to evaluate buying and selling decisions around a specific number which emotionally latches itself into our minds based on dangerous misconceptions.

Learning from the Greats series - Geraldine Weiss

18 Jun 2019

Women are better investors than men. That, at least, is what some studies convincingly show: for evidence, look up the reports in Forbes, the Financial Times (UK), Warwick Business School and Hargreaves Lansdown.

No matter your attitude to investing, Mr Market turns up every day.

12 Jun 2019

This brief, brilliant analogy on investments was created by the father of value investing, Ben Graham.

Three Pillars Investing: Attitude, Aptitude, Altitude

9 May 2019

Successful investing is about more than achieving gains. To quote the late Philip Arthur Fisher (doyen of investing for many decades): “The true investment objective of growth is not just to make gains, but to avoid losses.”