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The Fabric of Finance - The Regulators (Part 9)

10 Sep 2021

Regulatory compliance promotes confidence in our financial system and is expensive—but it surely beats the alternative. This short essay throws light on what, who and how.

The Fabric of Finance - The Intermediaries (Part 8)

11 Aug 2021

Intermediaries perform unique tasks that create benefits for those seeking products and services and those who provide them. They lubricate to reduce market friction in commerce, diplomacy and personal matters. 

Our financial fabric could not be the success that it is today without its vast intermediary force.

The Fabric of Finance - Real Estate (Part 7)

27 Jul 2021

In Australia, the economic size and importance of property is staggering. There is a concept called the Australian dream, and a substantial portion of it involves real estate. 

Property is a vitally important asset class that is perhaps under appreciated by some and over-estimated by others…

The Fabric of Finance - The Insurers (Part 6)

15 Jun 2021

From humble beginnings, we now have one of the most sophisticated insurance industries in the world. Here’s the story.

The Fabric of Finance - The Banks (Part 5)

3 Jun 2021

With our ‘big four’ banks now highly regarded throughout the global world of finance, we have a lot to be proud of … and so do they. Here’s the story.