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The Next Million - Part Seven

30 May 2022

There is no shortage of people declaring ‘how to invest’. By contrast cautionary tales on what to avoid are fairly rare; that’s what makes them refreshing.

Our 150th Anniversary

12 Apr 2022

April 12th this year is 150 years to the day since we were founded by Joseph Palmer in 1872.

To celebrate we've created a short e-book of the journey through 150 years of Australia (and world) history. 

The Next Million - Part Six

9 Apr 2022

When financial planner Frank had an enquiry from prospective client Felicity, he found, due to her friend’s advice, a wish to invest in fund manager ‘winners’; knowing this could be misguided, he sought input from a member of Palmer’s investment team.

The Next Million - Part Five

11 Mar 2022
‘Would you mind explaining that?’ asked Damien who recalled that the last time he’d faced ratios was at school and in his first year at university.

The Next Million - Part Four

25 Feb 2022

Keith had no idea the Joseph Palmer & Sons had been investing for a hundred and fifty years, he wants to hear how Ray reacts to this challenge: "give me three good reasons why I should hand over several million dollars for you to handle for me".